Since being founded in 2002, we've been providing design, development, and software consulting services to startup and enterprise clients. Our team is small, focused, and highly effective. We often work with our clients at a CTO level, advising on architecture and UI/X trends. Our technical and creative leads are based in the Bay Area, with production resources in Europe. We typically work on a time and materials basis through discovery/specification/design phases and provide a fixed bid once the specs are clear. We provide support and maintenance through and after launch. Our reputation is our business, we can provide excellent references. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Client List

"What I liked about working with Bayinteractive was how well (and quickly) the company "got" our complex technology, and translated it into a compelling story."

Josh Slobin
Daintree Networks

"Bayinteractive is an excellent resource and everyone is very impressed with the work. Always on time and responsive to email. Went out of your their to understand a very complicated subject and made suggestions for improvement."

Jayson Shmueli

"Thank you Bayinteractive for creating my app and making it available on the App Store. I came to Bayinteractive with no app experience, just the concept and the math behind it, and their folks did the rest. I was never treated like I didn't know anything about the app process (which I didn't). We'll be in touch."

Jim Bosler
Interest In Shopping

"The experience with Bayinteractive was good, straightforward, easy to deal with and timely. Thank you"

Colin Rogers

"I believe I've worked on three major projects with Bayinteractive over the past 5 years. In each instance, it was a very positive experience! In all cases, the speed of service, functionality, project management/customer service and flexibility were top notch."

Ellen Roder

"I have worked closely with Bayinteractive for over 1-1/2 years on two separate projects. I have found their designs to be modern and creative with good attention to usability and style. They consistently produce results on schedule and respond quickly to design iterations with enthusiasm. The staff is pleasant to work with and I would highly recommend them for our upcoming projects."

Jeff Moritz
What we do
and how we do it

We translate business requirements and ideas into highly usable and engaging mobile apps. Far beyond design and coding skills, this requires business strategy combined with a thorough understanding of user, platform, and market trends. We do this on a daily basis, and have done so for years. We know our stuff and that's why we're good at it.

bluetooth hardware integration

Your mobile device now controls the world around you. We make the software that connects phones and tablets to medical devices, smart office appliances, toys, sensor arrays, and everything else that can be Bluetooth enabled.

ios native

We build Native Apps for iPhone and iPad. Executive dashboards with sophisticated interactive charting or consumer convenience apps targeting the new mobile on demand economy. We integrate stunningly beautiful interfaces with fun and instantly accessible touch interactions. We can help you publish your app in the iTunes App Store, or work directly with your IT team to support enterprise deployment.

android native apps

We build Native Apps for Android devices. Apps that access the full universe of Android. Apps that allow you to see complex data in beautiful graphic form. Apps that allow you to coordinate the activities of global suppliers from an elegant control panel. Apps that power up your mobile sales force to give them the upper hand when interacting with new prospects. We can build and help you publish your app on the Google Play and Amazon App Stores, too.

  • Market Analysis
  • MVP Design
  • Cost / Benefit Study
  • SWOT
  • Revenue Strategy
  • Branding
user experience
  • User Stories
  • Decision Trees
  • Flow Diagrams
  • Wireframing
  • Information Architecture
  • Prototyping
  • User Studies
visual design
  • Branding
  • Style Guides
  • Typography
  • Animation
  • Iconography
  • Native Development
  • Cross Platform Solutions
  • Desktop & Mobile Web
  • Web Service Integration
  • Backend Development
  • Testing & Analytics

agile development

Our project process relies on close collaboration with our client and provides a high degree of transparency into the design and development process. Once design has been approved and development begins, we provide frequent builds for download and review (typically weekly). This ensures key stakeholders have the opportunity to see the app come together, and allows for rapid iteration and feature revision as business needs change.


Back in 2002 we started as a three man team. Over the last ten years we've grown to a mature, full service firm. We don't have foosball tables, desk massages, wacky mascots, or a selection of fine restaurants on campus. We do have a simple professional culture that encourages, recognizes, and rewards exceptional thinking, design, and development.

Alex Burrows

President and CTO

Since founding Bayinteractive in 2002, Alex has served as President, defining business strategy and managing daily operations. With nearly twenty years experience of hands on development, Alex also serves as a technical cornerstone of our team and remains involved with application development at the architecture level. Besides mentoring and guiding the development team, Alex also works closely with the Project Management and Business Development teams, continuously refining internal processes to support strategic growth objectives and shifts in technology trends.

Sam Safi

Art Director and UI Expert

Sam represents the racing pulse of our creative team's bightest achievements with user interface and experience. A formal training in graphic design combined with superlative natural artistic talent, and nearly twenty years experience successfully translating dry business objectives into mouth watering eye candy goes some way towards explaining the edge Bayinteractive maintains. Sam oversees the creative team and spends a great deal of time staying up to date with best practice interface guidelines and recommendations published by Apple and Google.

Brendan Hyland

VP Sales and Strategy

Always comfortable at the intersection of business and technology, Brendan understands the challenges that typically exist for an enterprise IT project, and he has enormous experience guiding stakeholders around these obstacles. His experience working with numerous startups helping them refine and get a minimum viable product to market, means that he brings enormous value to our clients and ensures that the apps we build are geared for success from the outset.

Julio Rodriguez

Director of Product Design

Julio pursues excellence in user experience. With 14 years interactive experience and an uncompromising approach to getting the best from our design team, he ensures that we consistently hit the mark for user wow factor through a combination of deep design process, close client collaboration, and a design aristocrat's unwavering focus on the end result.

featured project

EAT24 Case Study

The Challenge

Eat24 approached Bayinteractive to design and develop a mobile version of their web application. One of the main challenges was to design an interface that supported the extensive feature set present in the app, without sacrificing usability.

The Strategy

We researched the App Stores to review apps in the same space. Our creative team and information architect then worked closely together to define a user flow for the app that would allow us to put some sizzle into the experience, whilst streamlining the search and ordering process.

The Results

We delivered a stunning app that allows users to search local options from over 20,000 restaurants in more than 750 cities. Users can browse the menus of each restaurant, select options and order food, redeem coupons, and use a real time chat to get support for their order. Since launch the app has been extremely well received with thousands of downloads and is averaging a rating above 4.5 stars in the iTunes App Store.

featured project

Verint WFO Mobile

The Challenge

The Verint WFO Mobile application required careful design of interface elements to maximize the presentation of useful data while allowing detailed filtering and hierarchy navigation. Development had strict security, permissions management, and timeline constraints.

The Strategy

The Bayinteractive design team engaged directly with Verint product managers and the internal design team in order to solve the most difficult design problems using a disciplined product design approach. An aggressive, test driven development process was used to keep all parties synchronized.

The Results

The Verint WFO Mobile application has become a powerful enterprise solution for improving customer experience through effective personnel management. Custom navigation, charting, and calendar elements were implemented to achieve design goals. Bayinteractive has since been re-engaged to create an Android version of the original iOS app.

portfolio examples
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So what does Bayinteractive do?

Founded in 2002, Bayinteractive provides leading design and development services for Mobile Apps. We help small companies, medium companies, large companies, huge companies, and individual entrepreneurs realize their ideas for Mobile Apps and get them to the market quickly and efficiently.

Our capabilities include:

  • All major mobile platforms - iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone
  • Native apps, Web apps, and Hybrids (Sencha, JQMobile, JQTouch, PhoneGap)
  • Back-end development or integration with existing web services
  • Location/GPS detection and geo-coding, including check-ins and geo-fencing
  • Social/Business networks integration such as Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, Google+
  • Augmented reality through camera overlays and bar code/QR code scanning
  • Image Recognition and Barcode scanning
  • Accelerometer driven user input
  • Credit Card payment hardware integration
  • Video & Audio Streaming
  • Peer-To-Peer Bluetooth communication
  • Application usage analytics integration
  • Ad serving integration and custom implementations
  • Application publication through platform stores or Enterprise deployment
Do I need to work with a professional app development company?

You have two options for contracting your app development project: You can hire a freelancer or a professional, established firm like Bayinteractive. We recommend the latter. Here's why:

It takes a lot more than coding

The Mobile Apps marketplace is crowded and getting more so every day. To stand a chance of a successful app launch, you will need much more than coding services. You will need to work with a team that can guide and advise you on technical, marketing, and business strategy. We've got the experience, skills, grey hairs, and confidence to help your idea succeed.

How much does it cost to build an App?

It depends. Simple apps can be built for less than $10k. We can provide you with a fixed bid proposal as soon as we can get a good idea of what your app will do. Typically 15 mins on the phone is all we need to gather enough information for a proposal. For more complex or larger apps, or if you would like help figuring out the key features, we can schedule a meeting and brainstorm whiteboard session at our office.

How long does it take to have an app developed?

When you have a great idea, it's important to get to market quickly before someone else does. For this reason, we typically help our clients refine a minimum feature set for version 1.0 so they can launch the app to start building momentum, and quickly follow up with updates that address the most requested user features. It's a cost effective and smart approach, because users will tell you what they want and how they use the app.

Would you be willing to sign a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Sure of course. We spend a large part of every day discussing stealth business plans and app ideas. It's our first priority to establish a secure and trusted conversation so you feel entirely confident sharing your ideas and equally, we can openly discuss our internal processes, secret sauces, and industry advantages our own competition would dearly love to know.

Do you help get the app submitted to the Apple/Android Stores?

Yes we sure do. We can help craft the marketing content to support the app, and advise you on strategy to gain valuable marketing footprint in the App Stores.

Who owns the app once completed?

You do. Once we get final approval we provide all source code for the app including all rights to use, modify, or sell the source code as you see fit.

What is your process on working on a project?

Simply put - Discover, Develop, Deploy. Before writing a line of code we make sure we understand what the app needs to do. Then we spend some time figuring out the best way to meet those requirements, planning the user flow, and defining the architecture for the front and back ends. When we've got a good game plan, the creative team starts work on the interface design, and the dev team starts wiring up the app logic. We like to show our clients progress as it happens, so we typically provide a weekly build for review. This means you get to see your app come together from the ground up over a short space of time. It also means you are intiniscally involved in the testing and review process, which means we can adapt to changing business requirements on the fly.

What is your service guarantee?

Upon final approval (usually when the app is published to the App Stores), Bayinteractive provides a 60 day window during which time we will fix any defects or bugs discovered that are clearly in contravention to the app specifications. After this 60 day window, we will evaluate issues on an individual basis. If we determine that the issue is not a bug, or falls outside the original project scope, we will simply charge you on a time and materials hourly basis to resolve the problem.

I want to hire Bayinteractive, how do we get started?

Great! Call us so we can discuss your project and prepare a fixed bid proposal to define the scope of work, the price for that work, and the time line and milestones. As soon as we have that agreement in place, we can get started on your app using our standard Agile Process.

Once my app is developed what services do you provide for bug fixes, updates, etc?

The nature of software is organic. Your app will require updates to take advantage of new device features (e.g. iPhone 5's larger screen), and you will get user requests and feature wishlists. We're here to support your business goals with the app, so once the app is in the App Stores, rest assured you can hire us to make any updates to the app at anytime no matter how small. Typically, we find ourselves working on version 2.0 of the app within days of a successful v1.0 launch.

What content is allowed in an app?

Apps can be built around any subject or category. The app must not violate or infringe any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret or any other intellectual property rights of any other entity. The app must not contain any obscene, offensive or other materials that are prohibited or restricted by laws or regulations of the countries in which the app will be distributed.


As the demand for digital media applications continues to grow, so have we. As such, we are continuously seeking A players to join our team.

Please send your resume and cover letter to